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The Pros of Switching to a Stand-Up Desk

The Pros of Switching to a Stand-Up Desk

By: Dan Tomaszewski

You may have heard the news stories about how sitting is the new smoking, and how doctors are worried that our sedentary lifestyle is slowly killing us. While past generations of workers toiled in the fields and on the assembly lines, a majority of modern workers spend their days behind a desk.

All that desk work can take a toll on our health and well-being, leading to everything from increased obesity levels to serious problems like heart disease. You can help end users improve their health by educating them about their desk configuration, and even better, considering a switch to a stand-up desk.

Not too long ago, stand-up desks were almost unknown, but these days many workers are asking their bosses for a more active workstation. Now is the time to start discussing the benefits of stand-up desks to your clients and you can drive additional revenue along the way.

Working while standing up carries a number of benefits for the modern worker, and those benefits can have a profound impact on everything from productivity to overall employee health.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of ditching your traditional desk and office chair for a stand-up cubicle design.

Improved Metabolism – Moving throughout the day can keep your metabolism levels high at work and help you burn more calories. Even if you are standing still at your stand-up desk, you are moving more than you would be if you were sitting down.

Less Back Pain – Even the most comfortable and most ergonomically designed office chair can leave your back feeling sore at the end of the day. Stand-up desks are great for workers who suffer from back pain and similar ailments.

Better Concentration – Standing up to do your work can help you focus more effectively, increasing your productivity and making tedious tasks less boring. Many workers feel that switching to a stand-up desk has made them more productive and better at what they do.

Greater Flexibility – One of the great things about a stand-up desk is the level of flexibility it gives you. If you want to stand up for part of the day and then sit back down, it is easy to switch the desk and chair design back and forth. It is easy to sit down at a stand-up desk, but much harder to stand-up at a desk designed for sitting. Download our free 7 Ways to Prevent Office Syndrome PDF. This is a great educational piece that help end users make changes to their current desk configuration that can help improve health and productivity. This also covers stand-up desks and the benefits that come from their use. The goal is to not only provide educational value, but to drive sales and installation of stand-up desks.

Use the PDF document below as a resource:

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