How Being a BB-8 Can Help You Succeed in Delivering Better MSP Services?

BB-8, a droid of the Resistance X-wing fighter pilot Poe Dameron is a breakout character of the film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Everybody fell in love with BB-8 instantly even before the movie came out! But what does this character have to do with delivering better MSP services? It might be the map to your business success.

The movie adorably portrays BB-8 as just another helpful droid, however, it is unyieldingly pursued by the First Order. Why though? What makes an ordinary robot so special? It is because of what is inside it that makes it so valuable – a piece of a map that could lead to the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker. Like so many things, it is not what is on the outside that counts, but what is inside. Your IT service company might be minute compared to the big-time vanguards of the industry but if you and your team work at what makes your MSP services valuable from the inside, then it could lead your company to wider frontiers. How? Consider the points below:

Focus on quality

Every IT company should know that quality has a big influence on their company’s reputation. Before you could employ creative marketing strategies to build your reputation, it should be backed by excellent and reliable IT services. In fact, this should be the foundation of your brand.    

Comply with industry standards

MSPs serve many businesses and organizations across industries and each of these industries has specific standards to comply. Now in delivering IT services, your company must also know extensively the different requirements of your clients’ trade and meet them. Complying with the health and safety standards will not only help protect consumers but also attract and win new clients. Getting accreditation is a great way to enter new markets by providing prospects an independent validation of your MSP company’s ability to supply quality standard services.  

Meet customers’ expectations

A large piece of your map to success is satisfying your customer’s expectations and giving great customer service.  To ensure that your small business is providing service superior to that of your competitors, you need to look at the current customer service of your company. Make some improvements and you will experience customer loyalty.

Get the right employees

Just like how BB-8 needed Rey, Finn, Han Solo and the rest of the crew to get to its destination, you also need the right employees to get the business where it needs to be. You need to hire people with good skills and the right attitude to make up your team and keep them for the long term.

MSPs can learn from BB-8 that by believing in your company and truly working on what’s on the inside will show in the way you speak to your potential prospects and help in wooing them. This is how you will beat out the bigger flashy companies that focus more on appearance rather than the customer’s best interests. Clients now seek and trust smaller businesses because they are less inclined to mass trickery. So, when providing MSP services, take note to focus on the quality of the products and services you provide, comply with the different industry standards, build a reliable customer service, and find and keep the right employees.   

About our Contributor

Joshua Liberman is the President and founder of Net Sciences Inc. (NSI). Joshua began working in the computer field in 1982, he founded Net Sciences in 1990 as PC services and incorporated the company in 1996. Starting as a Novell CNE and later becoming a Microsoft MCSE and CISSP, he has grown Net Sciences into a mid-sized IT support firm in Albuquerque, offering systems integration, MSP services and the most reliable IT solutions throughout New Mexico. Net Sciences has been providing an end-to-end network support to their clients, and a top-notch IT services for small businesses in Albuquerque. NSI is your virtual managed IT services provider in Albuquerque, assisting the planning, management and support you would get from your own IT staff at a fraction of the cost.