Can Adventure Time Teach IT Companies a Marketing Lesson?

The twelve-year-old Finn battles evil in the Land of Ooo. With help from his magical dog, Jake, Finn roams the Land of Ooo helping its inhabitants and fighting evil. Finn and Jake are heroes because of their ability to get out of impossible situations and escape the dangers of their fantasy land. Usually that danger comes in the form of the Ice King, who is in search of a wife.  These heroes regularly have to rescue the Princess Bubblegum from the Ice King's clutches. What can we learn about IT marketing from these unlikely heroes?

The MSP Adventure!

This land mimics our own because Finn and Jake don't always win their battles such as in the real world and often seem in way over their heads when fighting some of the toughest monsters. This is similar to the IT marketing world in that our fantasy marketing land is fraught with seemingly impossible obstacles throughout our adventures. The IT marketing field has no shortage of gatekeepers, dishonest prospects, and direct rivalry in such a competitive marketplace. This begs the question- how can you possibly go up against the bigger MSPs?

What Adventure Time says about IT Marketing

Thought the competition may seem bigger, one thing Finn and Jake always know is that brute force isn't the only way to defeat your opponents. Often times they have weaknesses ironically based on their strengths. MSP leaders should learn from Finn that their own competition can be tackled with the same approach. The companies with staffs of writers many are afraid to compete against have writers that come from a corporate mentality of clock-in clock-out to get paid. By having a more close-knit team you will be able to effectively incentivise your employees and utilize their individual strengths to get the most output. If you're going against a bigger enemy the key is knowing how to get the most power and take an advantage in cunning of you are few but strong employees. Bigger MSP companies often can’t get personal with clients. They often rely on their big name and cheap prices to get customers. Localized clients can put time and effort into building rapport with a prospect in order to level the playing field and leverage partners.

 Keep the Adventure Alive!

One of the most important thing Finn and Jake do throughout their journey is to keep that journey alive. They are constantly learning from their experiences and applying their newfound knowledge to the world around them. IT marketers must apply the same adaptability to their day-to-day to achieve the most on their adventure to success.



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